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We specialise in the sale of businesses ranging from £250,000 to £10million, as well as providing many other related services to business owners, such as valuations and exit planning. Please see the What We Do tab for the full range of what we offer.

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Cash is the life blood of any business, whether for everyday working capital or long term investment. We will carry out a thorough review of your current circumstances and needs, and by making you "investor ready", will link you with the most suitable provider of cash. This could be a high street lenders or someone from our vast database of private investors.

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Growing businesses is not as easy as it seems and that's why the majority stay small! Growth is about sensible planning & great execution but, most importantly, it's about you. We are experts in aligning needs and objectives to capabilities and barriers, creating and implementing a realistic plan to match.

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You will exit your business one day (unless you are immortal!) so it's best to plan for this rather than leave it to chance. By keeping control, you can ensure a smooth transition, and maximise the benefit received. Whether yours is an immediate need or a long term goal we are well placed to advise you on the best route to take.

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Straight Talking Guaranteed

Isis Business Brokers is mainly known for helping people through the process of buying and selling businesses.

Founded in 2006, we provide:-

- High quality, client focused access to funding and investment.

- Strategies to accelerate growth alongside exit planning and execution.

- Guidance on buying and selling your business.

- Valuations based on in-depth understanding of your individual business and current sector conditions.

You'll benefit from brokers who have years of practical SME and corporate experience, across a wide range of sectors, a range of job levels and who are trained to the highest standards in the industry. We understand that a company's worth is valued on more than a P&L sheet and that there are many factors influencing its market attractiveness and growth potential.

Our Senior Broker, Dominic Marlow, has extensive history in business, with practical knowledge of finance sourcing and business sales, an enviable contact list and a strong background in strategic marketing, objective setting and negotiation.

If you are a business owner or shareholder looking for a brokerage which provides clear, straight talking advice for your specific circumstance, click here to arrange a free, confidential, no obligation meeting with Dominic.

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