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14th April 2015

Don't be a hero: If your business revolves around you, you won't sell

You are the heart of your business, but if the business doesn't work without you, you're making it impossible to sell
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12th April 2015

Are You Planning On Working For Ever?

Are You Planning On Working For Ever? No, we're not either. Come along to our event in Oxford on April 29th to find out how you don't have to. Full details in the article.
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06th April 2015

Selling a business: What makes a good one-pager?

If clients are trying to sell their business, they need a one-pager which gives potential buyers the info they need. But it's a fine art. So what makes a good one.
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01st April 2015

Easter Confusion

Deal volumes down, but values and investment up
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13th March 2015

Planning an exit from your family-run business

If you run a family business, you may assume that the passage of ownership will transfer to the next generation. But what if your children don’t want to take it on?
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06th March 2015

AIM Fundraising Falling - So What?

BDO have announced that proceeds raised through initial public offerings by AIM-listed companies fell by more than 50 per cent in the second half of last year but so what?
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02nd March 2015

Acquisition Market Has Confidence

The primary factor driving M&A deals is confidence, though this is supported my many other aspects.
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09th February 2015

Do you understand your cash flow?

Do you understand the importance of cash flow?
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02nd February 2015

Why Strategy Consulting can exist independently of Operational Consulting

There's more to not implementing recommendations than a lack of confidence
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16th January 2015

Is Exit Planning the wrong term?

The thought of "Exit Planning" appears to be unappealing to business owners as most of them don't!
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