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Acquisition Market Has Confidence

02nd March 2015 -

A statement last week by Experian's Corpfin head has reiterated what we've always known, but its nice that someone with a higher profile is saying it out loud.

There are many aspects that drive deal volumes but confidence is the most important by far. This confidence is the amalgamation of economic outlooks, availability of finance, the risk aversion of professional advisors and, significantly, but of less importance than many believe, the availability of finance.

If all those involved are happy that the deal will work, then it probably will and, in our opinion, valuation is less of a factor. Yes, the RoI will always underpin the financial scope of an offer but here's a good question: Which is more important, getting your money back in 3 years or buying the right business? We know the answer, but if you;re not sure or would like to discuss the implications, give Isis a call on 01865 784462.