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Are you a strategic leader?

24th September 2014 -

If you ask a selection of businessmen whether they prefer stability in their business environment, the more successful ones will generally tell you that they prefer a degree of volatility. When asked why, they’ll tell you that it’s because the more unpredictable the environment, the greater the opportunity for profit. Having a volatile environment can create opportunities, but business leaders need a certain skill set to be able to capitalise on those opportunities. Generally speaking, leaders operating in a volatile environment need some degree of ability to be both resolute and flexible, anticipating difficulties and designing creative, well aligned solutions through interpreting relevant data from a wide variety of sources.

Most leaders wouldn’t class their strong suite as an ability to detect and categorize ambiguous events in the future. To a strategic leader, the need to be focusing on the future, however uncertain, is an essential skill that cannot be underestimated. When times are good, most leaders are capable of managing opportunities effectively, but when markets change, very few are able to adapt by consider alternatives generated from diverse and unusual sources.

An ability to be a flexible leader can mean the difference between survival and failure for your organisation, so make sure you’re constantly talking to all stakeholders in your organisation to get the most information available. No leader has 360 degree vision, but by fully utilising your network, you can make the most of the information avaiable to you. This decision can mean the different between being the cause of change and suffering its effects. A strategic leader will always be scanning the business environment for potential change measures and will be ready to make the most of the opportunities that come with it.

One of the biggest challenges we face with our clients is teaching them the importance of flexible and strategic leadership. No matter how many symptoms we cure, if the mindset of the leaders doesn’t change then the real problem has not been solved.

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