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​Attracting new talent

14th October 2014 -

Everyone knows at the moment that there is no shortage of labour. Between the thousands of graduates flooding into the market each summer, the backlog of graduates from previous years, the thousands of redundancies up and down the country and the worryingly high percentage of people who are ‘underemployed’, there are far more people looking for work than there are vacancies to fill.

As a small business owner however, finding and keeping the right people in your business can be absolutely crucial to the survival and growth of your firm. Fresh talent can improve productivity, energise your team and find new ways for your company to work, but attracting it requires an honest look at your company atmosphere, your management style and then deciding who the right people are, and making a concerted effort to bring them in.

Talented workers are looking for an environment which will allow them to succeed and grow. If you have current employees, you need to look at whether they’re happy and confident, and whether they have the resources and opportunities they need to grow.

As a small company, you won’t have the firepower that a more recognised brand name brings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete for the same talent pool. It’s all about presenting an appealing image and sign posting the opportunities your firm can offer. Instead of talking about what your firm can’t offer, talk about what you want to offer in the future and allow the candidates to see the potential for growth.

It’s not all about fluffy dreams however; everyone has expenses to pay, and whilst you might not be able to keep up with the pay packets of a huge firm, you should still offer a fair wage for your employees. If your candidate is the right one, they will more than earn their money back. Offering alternative incentives such as flexible working hours, telecommuting and subsidised travel can all entice a new candidate, and help attract the talent you need to help grow your business.