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CBI says UK economy to grow by 1.2% in 2013

18th August 2013 -

New figures released by the Confederation of British Industries suggest that business growth in 2013 is going to be stronger than previously predicted, with an increase in the rate of growth for 2014 also highlighted. Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show growth in manufacturing, services, construction and housing.

Whilst this news could bring a sigh of relief from the general population, business owners need to be aware that without proper planning, unexpected leaps in demand can cause growing pains for their businesses. Where in a weak economy, one person may have been able to handle all the sales and marketing calls for the firm, a sudden surge of sales can lead to a fall in customer service as the now understaffed business struggles to maintain standards.

The biggest mistake to make in a situation of growth is to assume that as a business grows, everything can just stay the same – but bigger. Sure, the core activity of the business will remain much the same, but the support structure and mindset of the company will have to adjust to cope with growth.

Here at Isis we can help to prepare you for that growth, enabling you to concentrate on developing new business without the worry of how to handle it. We’d be happy to book you into a free of charge, no obligations clinic with one of our senior consultants to discuss how we could help you, so feel free to call us on 01865 784462