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Do you need growth capital?

24th September 2014 -

One of the biggest challenges to growth is finding the funds necessary to develop and exploit the growth opportunities that arise for small businesses. Here at Field Associates, we've seen the real challenges which businesses face when trying to access grow capital, and we've got an in-depth understanding of what business investors are looking for when they commit to fund a venture. As our business has grown, we've developed a refined process to help guide businesses through the funding cycle.

In the concept stage, it's worth using some of your own financial resources to get the growth idea fleshed out, and get to a solid starting position to present to investors. Once you've got a solid proposition to generate revenue, it's a good time to start working on an approach to angel investors, who are looking first to see whether your proposition meets their requirements and secondly whether it could work. Investments that Field Associates have handled have ranged from £100,000 from a single investor to more than £500,000 in growth capital.

Later stage growth companies might need a bank loan for operating capital and long-term growth. To secure this finance, banks require several years of trading history, and secured collateral. For fast growing companies, an approach to a venture capitalist might need to be needed. In this field, investments tend to be upwards of £1,000,000 to enter new markets, expand sales or add new products. These investors are normally looking to find a solid business concept which they can invest in, grow and then sell on for a profit.

Each funding issue requires a different approach - developing the right approach can be crucial to your success in attracting the right investment. If you're considering raising capital for your business, make sure you give us a call today on 01865 784462 or sign up for a free consultation!