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Is Exit Planning the wrong term?

16th January 2015 -

We're all going to retire (or move on) some day and stats show that in around 80% of cases this is unplanned, having been prompted by an unexpected "human event".

So, why don't we plan this? We think the term could be putting people off as they don;t see an exit as likely so we'd like to educate owners in to thinking about options.

Ironically, with very few exceptions, all the things you might do to improve your exit prospects would result in a better business anyway, and I don't know many owners who want a worse business.

So, let's talk about option planning. Improve your business then, if this human event occurs, you get an unsolicited approach from an acquirer or you want to move on (or indeed, "exit"), you can make the most of it.

Call us now on 01865 784462 to discuss how we can help you plan your options.