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Not Tesco Again!

27th October 2014 -

Being small business owners ourselves we have to keep things in order for lots of reasons, all of them good and proper but there are lots of benefits other than keeping the SFO from the door.

The simple answer is to keep proper records, which is aided by having proper systems in place but made to work by taking proper advice from a decent accountant. You can then run your business based on financial facts and professional input rather than gut feel or "cheque book accounting" as it used to be known.

This is fundamental at all times in business but never more so than if you're looking for financial help, have growth opportunities or are planning to sell. You have to demonstrate that you know you're numbers, or at least have decent, up to date figures!

We're not accountants but we know the importance of all of this and can help set it up and recommend a good provider if needed.

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