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Why Strategy Consulting can exist independently of Operational Consulting

02nd February 2015 -

If you talk to a consultant at one of the big four firms, you’ll probably hear a variation of the oft told advice ‘strategy consulting is ok, but the money is made in operational consulting’. If a consultant is confident in his expertise and skills, or at least enough so to charge a fee for advising, then surely they should be confident to oversee implementation?

It seems like an appealing argument, a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ train of logic – but with a little examination, we can show how it’s not quite as straight forward as you’d think. One of the biggest problems with changing the way a business works isn’t actually a lack of funds, as most people suspect, but changing the actions and the people behind them.

There are hundreds of free and paid seminars in the business community, self help books and expert business coaches – if you want advice on how to run your business, there are no shortage of people willing to take your money.

Here at Isis Business Brokers, we believe in both parties leaving the room satisfied – which means that if you set us a goal to reach, we’ll make sure you have all the information, options and expertise you need to get there. But we like to see you grow yourselves, to break out of your mould and try new things you didn’t think you could do.

Take the example of an engineer, highly skilled and qualified to both advise and work on engineering projects. As an engineer, he could answer any of your questions, find you solutions you’d never thought of, develop new plans and build fascinating designs. The only problem is, that as a business owner, he wants to work on what he enjoys – the engineering.

He hates doing his book-keeping; it takes him three times as long as a professional, and gives him a headache on a Sunday evening. He doesn’t really like marketing, and feels uncomfortable making sales calls, or charging long term clients more money.

It could be that he doesn’t realise the time he could save by hiring a professional bookkeeper, or that he doesn’t understand how important his website is, but no matter what the issue; we’re here to figure out how to help.

Our goal isn’t to earn enormous fees regardless of the results, our goal is to help you improve, and the trick is changing behaviour once you’re at your desk. By making you take a lead role in implementation, and holding you to account, we aim to help you achieve long lasting improvements in to the way you work.