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What We Do

We help business owners, it’s as simple as that. It can be a lonely place, the buck stops with you regardless. Running a business is like being an airline pilot – you have the most important job but you are reliant on other people doing their jobs correctly. Sometime difficult decisions need to be made and poor decisions, or no decision, can have disastrous consequences.

We can help you;


We genuinely believe we can help any business owner who wants to make changes for the better – here are some of the key areas that might cover;

Start ups / Early stage

Mature / Stagnant


Business growth

Business Sale

How We Work

We put you, the business owner, at the centre of everything we do - It’s your business after all!

To help you choose the right path, and plan and act accordingly we will have to understand your personal motivations & objectives and the other factors that might influence these. We are experts at unearthing the real story & guiding towards sensible, achievable goals, regardless of your point in your business journey and your final objective.

This might sound like we’re saying we know everything, but the reality is most of the things that need to be done are the same anyway. Our skill is matching those actions to you, your situation, and what you’re trying to achieve.

So, no, we don’t know the answer to everything, but we probably know someone who does. We have built up an enormous wealth of contacts who share our proactive & practical solution driven approach. If so, we will introduce the right people, and manage the overall progress with you as appropriate.

If we really can’t help we will tell you so, wish you luck and there will be no charge. This happens but not very often. However, it’s true to say that not everyone accepts our help – they may choose other advisors for example – but we are passionate that you do something as those who believe they are better off on their own usually fail to make the progress they deserve.