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You may be looking to exit soon or just be looking to plan for the future. One thing is for sure - a well prepared exit will certainly lead to a better transition. Choosing to work with us will help your business sell for more money, under better terms, and more quickly than if you to leave it to chance.

Rest assured, if you want to sell now, or in the future, we are the best people to help. We earn our fees from delivering value & success and don’t rely on huge engagement fees or unfair termination clauses! We have a new way of working where you’ll benefit from our skills and experience and if we don’t make satisfactory progress towards a sale in 6 months, you’re free to leave (with one exception, below).

We have completed hundreds of deals between us over the last decade, so we know how it works. We engineer situations where people want to work together to mutual benefit, with both sides reaching big objectives - retiring & completing a fantastic strategic acquisition for example.

Rather like our added value funding offer, the process is broadly;

We don’t use agents so you’ll usually have one broker from start to finish, and you won’t get lost in a faceless head office. All our plans are bespoke and we put your input and needs, confidentiality for example, at the heart of it. We write our own materials & market where the right buyers are to ensure the best result for you.

To find out more about how we can help you plan your exit from your business, call us and book into a free strategic planning consultation.

*The exception is that if you subsequently sell to a party we introduced then a fee is payable.

Buying a Business

Buying a business is similar in many ways to the process describe above, but generally the other way round! For a deal to complete you need a buyer and a seller to agree - we often say that we represent the deal - so our experience is equally valid. However, buying can be more difficult, and is certainly usually more frustrating. It's important to recognise the difference between listening to emotions versus logic as they can both be compelling and often contrary!

We advise buy-side clients in a manner of ways to suit their budget, timetable and expectations, so call us now to discuss how we can help.