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Goodwill Assessor

The Goodwill Assessor has been designed to deliver an exceptionally clear summary of a business, where it is now and how to develop it for the future. An ideal service for companies just wanting the facts, looking at an acquisition or for benchmarking exercises, thus needing a fast, yet in-depth assessment of non-financial data.

The information which is required is gathered from a structured interview with the executive of the business and one of our senior consultants. This information is analysed and compiled into a graphical report that displays the development of the business across five key areas.

The report is not subjective in its assessment; the results are directly related to the responses given by the executive and thus are not influenced by our guiding consultant. This means that repeat assessments can show development changes as viewed and valued by the executive - a clear value added indicator. Furthermore, as part of the service, you will also receive an itemised list of tasks with guidance on the simple steps that will help to move the business forward.

The turnaround from assessment to report is swift, typically less than a week, and would be ideal for a business which is concerned about the performance, but is not aware of exactly where things need to be improved or how to change them.


The Goodwill Assessor can also be used to underpin our valuation process, especially if this is part of a value growth programme. We also complete one off valuations for all sorts of reasons, and, by using our transactional experience, we believe we are well placed to determine, and justify a real world figure, not a text book one. To achieve any value you need a willing buyer to agree not only to the price but to terms, and this is where many P&L based valuations fall down.

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