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Most small businesses reach their natural ceiling fairly early on – the mature stage - and this tends to be the capacity of the principal to perform their current role. Sometimes this satisfies the owners but usually not. Even if you are satisfied with your current performance would you really say no to working fewer hours, making more money or increasing the value of your business?

Business owners tend to be good at what their business does, but nobody, including us, knows everything. There will be missed opportunities and actions, both obvious and creative, that would make a difference to how the business performs. We will help you find them, decide what to do, then help you work on a plan of action. This often involves identifying and delegating some tasks to free up time for more value added activities, or more leisure time!

To start we need a comprehensive understanding of both you and your business, then we need to be clear on objectives and make sure they are realistic and achievable. From this will come a plan & relevant actions – that’s the easy bit. The hard bit is changing your behaviour next time you are at your desk, so we’ll be with you helping, guiding, discussing, reassuring, whatever it takes to convert the plan to action. We won’t manage you but we will help you achieve the objectives. Our service is like having a second head or an additional board member without the associated costs & aggravation.

We like to earn our fees by delivering results but you have to follow the plan & stick with it for at least 6 months. If we can’t demonstrate real value in that time, you are free to leave us with no further obligation or exits costs, but we’ll be confident that at least you’ll have a better business.

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