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High Quality Routes to Accessing Funding and Investment

All businesses need money, and ongoing investment and we are well placed to help.

What you need it for, where you get it from and under what terms are the important questions.

Banks are still viable sources but there are a myriad of other options to explore, such as business overdrafts, term loans, grants, business angels, venture capitalists, and regional funds. We understand how to match your needs with the right source of finance and investment. If you choose to work with us, we will start off with a review of your current situation and look at all the viable options available to you. As the next part of the process, we will work to make you and your business both ready and friendly to investors. These investors may be banks or other high street lenders, private individuals, or small funds, right up to larger companies looking for a new merger.

In this area, we specialise in introducing “added value” funds. Very few businesses, especially small ones, have the perfect set of skills, capabilities and resources, so we match your needs with other peoples capabilities to create a scenario where you’re better off together than you were apart.

Our process offers clarity and expertise, ensuring that your business is marketed in the right place and to the right people, and that when we find you an opportunity, you’ll have experts making the introduction, helping you negotiate and work through to a situation where all parties are happy. To find out more about the opportunities available, give us a call and book into one of our capital investment and business sale consultations.

Often investment does not involve bringing in outside money as it can be a case of recycling what is already available to the business or using it smarter.